Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ohhhhh err Mrs !!

Well Monday this week I had the most fantastic shoot with Helen :-) she had booked a "cheeky" shoot at my studio as a treat for her Birthday.

Think im gunna call it "Cheeky Boudouir" :-) ........ helen brought along a gang to watch as she posed like a model whos been in front of the camera more times than posh spice !! Helen had even brought along some material we could use AND a bottle of bubbly (my type of girl!!)

Getting towards the end of the session Helen wanted to pay a visit to the toilet ...... I started to take a look at some of the images we had taken during the session and the out of the toilet comes Helen, complete with mop and mop bucket ........ well that was it we just had to get a shot or two dispite all the jokes and laughing .......... Helen you looked beautiful ..... in fact stunning ....... and by the way how much would you charge for youe cleaning services ?? :-)

Happy shooting all

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