Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ohhhhh err Mrs !!

Well Monday this week I had the most fantastic shoot with Helen :-) she had booked a "cheeky" shoot at my studio as a treat for her Birthday.

Think im gunna call it "Cheeky Boudouir" :-) ........ helen brought along a gang to watch as she posed like a model whos been in front of the camera more times than posh spice !! Helen had even brought along some material we could use AND a bottle of bubbly (my type of girl!!)

Getting towards the end of the session Helen wanted to pay a visit to the toilet ...... I started to take a look at some of the images we had taken during the session and the out of the toilet comes Helen, complete with mop and mop bucket ........ well that was it we just had to get a shot or two dispite all the jokes and laughing .......... Helen you looked beautiful ..... in fact stunning ....... and by the way how much would you charge for youe cleaning services ?? :-)

Happy shooting all

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Warren "Whats your favourite image" ?

Im asked this question quite a lot and to be honest with you the answer is not what most people expect. I have thousands of images on my ever expanding collection of hard drives ranging from landscapes to glamour with some great looking models but my favourite images are the ones not many people see.

I have loads of images not taken in my studio, not posed, not thought of before the shot was taken, of Adam (my son), images of my mum who I only recently lost, images of my wife Patsy who was taken from Adam and me in Oct 2009 by cancer, images of friends, images from my childhood down West Bank, images from hoildays and BB camp. Most of these photographs have bits of legs missing, loads of space aorund the subject, the focus may not be spot on and you my see objects sticking out of peoples heads.

I'm basicly the same as everyone else, the images I treasure the most are not the images I take after setting up studio lights metering, posing the model, making sure the make up looks good making sure the lighting is spot on, no it's the the images that bring back happy times and although I do sometimes feel sad when looking at them, I am also remineded of how very very lucky I am to have had such a great time with such great people and friends.

My life is still very very good now, Im doing what I love the most, meeting loads of great people and basicly enjoying my time. Please enjoy your life to the full and live for the day :-)

Now here's some of my recent work please feel free to comment :-)

Happy shooting :-)

Monday, 2 May 2011

"My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" Weekend Away

Just got back from a great weekend (Thurs-Sun) down at my brothers in Basingstoke, we never stopped Thursday night me and Adam went to see My brothers band reherse in a scout hut this gave me a chance to try my D700 at high iso setting and I am more than pleased with the results (images below). These where taken at 2000iso !! using my Nikon 24-70 f2.8, Tamron 70-200 f2.8 and also my Sigma 12-24mm.
On the Friday we just had a chilled day the Ladies where watching an episode of  "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" (at least it looked like that anyway) all day on the telly, so we had a walk round Basingstoke town to get out of the way !!.
Saturday I was going to a meet up with some good friends from the world of stock photography and illustrations, Adam and my brother Keith tagged along, met up with PZ, Andrea, Ayesha, Vicky, Roberto, Alex, Michael and Arnd (all the way from Germany) We had a great time from start to finish and ended up at Billy Brags mass busk on the South Bank where my Brother had his pic took by me with Furgal Sharky (The undertones if you remember them !!). The day whent by far too fast !!.
Saturday night and me and Keith whent off to the Anvil in Basingstock to see Bellowhead in concert (google them please they are a really great folky group) ....... what a fantastic concert one hell of a great band to see live :-)

Heres a few images from the weekend for ya :-)

Happy shooting :-)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Hiya All :-)

I never seem to have the time to blog these days but I am trying real hard to do one every month at least this year, honest :-)
Yesterday (30th March) I did another lighting session, I have started doing these to pass on what I know about studio work to other photographers who have never set foot in a studio but want to give it a go. I have done four so far this year and have enjoyed every single one of them. In fact I think I have founs somthing else I really enjoy doing, I love seeing the photographers reaction when I show them how much you can do with good lighting in a studio.
Yesterdays was a bit special for me as I had two lovely lady photographers (and friends) Andrea Ellison and Lynsey Wells 'Mcsweeny' in for a lesson and I managed to get one of my fave models Anne Dos Santos to pose for us.
The morning was such a good session that it was soon 1.30pm and the time seemed to rush past, but I think I managed to get the main facts accross. We did high and low key lighting, using a flash meter using light modifiers and the effects they have.
Both Andrea and Lynsey were real stars and I think (well I know) they got some great images of Anne, in fact I just hope they dont go out tomorrow and buy loads of studio gear and put me out of business :-)

Very well done Andrea and Lynsey this is somthing I want to try and do a lot more of in the future so if your interested just get in touch think I like teaching !!!! ........ here's a few images from the day including one each from Andrea and Lynsey :-)
A big thanks also to Anne ...... another great modeling job done, and think you will have two more photographers after you now :-)

Till next time happy shooting :-)
Warren x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Not blogged for a bit !!!!

Sorry folks not been here for a bit ...... in fact since before Christmas !. Well what a Christmas it was too, On the 28th Dec I decided to have a quick check on the studio only to find that a water pipe had burst in the ceiling and water was gushing from the light fittings.
After a bit of a panic I managed to get all my lighting and other equipment out of the main studio area, where the main deluge was and was lucky only to lose a few feet of background paper from four rolls. All my lighting was fine,thank god !!.
It then took what seemed like ages for the landlord to sort out with his insurance to get the work started, ripping the ceiling down, fixing the pipe and making good again. I am now up and running again and looking forward to the year ahead :-).
Heres a few images from the shoots I have done so far this year ....... Enjoy :-)


Happy shooting :-)