Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Whos the ugly bloke ?

Yes it's me !!

Hey all here's a few of the first ever shots in my Studio, and yeah I know it's a bit of a let down having my ugly mug on here but I was only doing some tests and kinda liked the result of my self portrait (only image of me I have ever liked just a little !!) 

Everything seems to be working as it should be and a new studio flash unit arrived last week so all is good :-). I'm busy trying to spread the word at the moment and I know times are hard but my prices reflect the times as well as the hard work and hours that go into the production of these type of images. Take a look at my prices Here  this is my website which I know needs a little more work but I will get to it someday !!. This gives you a basic idea of my prices for a studio sitting its by no means all the stuff I do so just get in touch for any photographic work you require and I will try my very best to get the images you are after.

Big Shout out to the models above who were the first to be shot in my studio Danielle Unwin (fantastic model) wow those legs ;-). Jessica Kirkby (also a great girl who I intend to work with a lot more) and the beautiful Heather Aspinall (who has always been a fave at the photography walkabouts). As for the bloke in the last image well ..... enough said ;-) xx

Happy shooting

Monday, 15 November 2010

Test shots all done :-)

Well all the tests have gone well, big thanks to Danielle and Jessica (above) who helped me out on a couple of shoots and didn't mind all the messing about with lights and backgrounds. I also have to thank My brother Keith and his wife Danielle also for advice and help.

Whilst doing a couple of shots with my twin brother (who came to visit from Basingstoke) It was lovely to see Jo Rutherford who came for a look at the place together with some cakes and a nice bottle of rose wine, for anyone who doesn't know Jo she is a great photographer based in Southport and has been the driving force behind the photographic walkabouts you hear me go on so much about. Please take a look at her web site and be amazed at her wonderful images. Jo's web site

Now I need people though the door, so please pass on my number,website in fact just let people know about me please :-) I am also doing portrait sitting vouchers to buy as gifts at a cost of a very special £50 for which you will get a portrait sitting, up to 8 images on a CD and one 10x8 framed image from the CD, just contact me for more details. This offer is via the voucher only. 

Budding models, contact me by phone, my facebook page or my website for great prices on model portfolios. Right then time to get something useful done now :-)

Happy Shooting to you all :-)

Warren xx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

No more studio in my living room !

Well I now have my own studio Yeah :-), its been a dream of mine for a long time now and on Friday I moved in.It was being used as a photographic studio anyway by an old photographer friend of mine and he rang me up a few weeks ago now asking if I would be interested as he was giving it up. Well my first thoughts were should I take the plunge and go for it ?, will I make it work ?, should I do it ?? ... Well after a few late nights, loads of consultations with friends and family (special thanks to Danielle here) I thought "well if i don't how much will I regret it?" .
So about the studio, well its not massive but just the right size for my use at the moment and a lot better than my front room which came with Louis my little dog and Adams Xbox corner !!. I have a Mafrotto background support unit with a few rolls of background paper three of which can be on the background support at any one time and just rolled down as and when you need them. I have two sets of posing tubs (black), chairs, stools and lounger. Lighting is three 300w strobes and arriving Monday a 400w strobe, one small softbox, three medium soft boxes, two large softboxes and a large Octobox, two 5 in one large reflectors. A toilet and store room which will be the changing room for models during a shoot. Oh i do have a kettle coffee and sugar. 
This coming week I will be doing a few test shoots in there and then I'll be truly up and running so if you want a nice portrait to give as a Christmas Gift you know who to contact :-).
I will also hire it out to photographers at great rates so also contact me about rates as well.
So here's to a bright future I hope :-)

Happy shooting all