Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Not blogged for a bit !!!!

Sorry folks not been here for a bit ...... in fact since before Christmas !. Well what a Christmas it was too, On the 28th Dec I decided to have a quick check on the studio only to find that a water pipe had burst in the ceiling and water was gushing from the light fittings.
After a bit of a panic I managed to get all my lighting and other equipment out of the main studio area, where the main deluge was and was lucky only to lose a few feet of background paper from four rolls. All my lighting was fine,thank god !!.
It then took what seemed like ages for the landlord to sort out with his insurance to get the work started, ripping the ceiling down, fixing the pipe and making good again. I am now up and running again and looking forward to the year ahead :-).
Heres a few images from the shoots I have done so far this year ....... Enjoy :-)


Happy shooting :-)

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