Thursday, 31 March 2011

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Hiya All :-)

I never seem to have the time to blog these days but I am trying real hard to do one every month at least this year, honest :-)
Yesterday (30th March) I did another lighting session, I have started doing these to pass on what I know about studio work to other photographers who have never set foot in a studio but want to give it a go. I have done four so far this year and have enjoyed every single one of them. In fact I think I have founs somthing else I really enjoy doing, I love seeing the photographers reaction when I show them how much you can do with good lighting in a studio.
Yesterdays was a bit special for me as I had two lovely lady photographers (and friends) Andrea Ellison and Lynsey Wells 'Mcsweeny' in for a lesson and I managed to get one of my fave models Anne Dos Santos to pose for us.
The morning was such a good session that it was soon 1.30pm and the time seemed to rush past, but I think I managed to get the main facts accross. We did high and low key lighting, using a flash meter using light modifiers and the effects they have.
Both Andrea and Lynsey were real stars and I think (well I know) they got some great images of Anne, in fact I just hope they dont go out tomorrow and buy loads of studio gear and put me out of business :-)

Very well done Andrea and Lynsey this is somthing I want to try and do a lot more of in the future so if your interested just get in touch think I like teaching !!!! ........ here's a few images from the day including one each from Andrea and Lynsey :-)
A big thanks also to Anne ...... another great modeling job done, and think you will have two more photographers after you now :-)

Till next time happy shooting :-)
Warren x

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  1. ahhhh bless you was really reaaly good fun...your a natural teacher ....I learnt so much ...and I can not thank you enough.....I will be back for session 2 very soon