Friday, 15 October 2010

Roller skates + Beautiful girls = Great shoot 14-10-2010

Had a great shoot yesterday with Danielle and Adele, the day started with me picking the girls up from Danielles home and driving to Otterspool, near Liverpool. I have worked with both Danielle and Adele before but this was the first time together (they are best friends as well).
Weather wasn't that good just a tad too dull but hey who was I to complain :-). The girls were ready in the first outfits when we arrived so we wandered down to the park there and started shooting. All the time Danielle, as she does, keeping her eye out for great locations (which she always seems to find).
We then found a nice building in the park which used to be the Cafe, the workmen working there downed tools for a quick break (and a good show!!) as we shot around the building :-).
Once finished there we walked back to the car and Danielle spotted a nice tree for us to do a few shots near (if i could, I would employ Danielle as my artistic director but as I said to her the wages would be crap, in fact none existent) so once the girls had changed it was off to the tree. Both girls looked stunning in the dress's they had brought along....... and draped on the tree ...... well amazing !!
Also found some nice rocks to pose on (which I spotted Danielle !!).
We then went back to the car for another change and to get the Roller boots on The site of two beautiful women getting changed and dodgy old git with a camera made one driver drive past at least three times just in case he missed anything, but it paid off for him as he caught Danielle sat on the ground in her shorts and bra, didn't see his face but it must have been a picture :-).
We had decided to take some shots of Adele with her roller boots on down on the prom at Otterspool. Now the thing is Adele had put her boots on at the car park and it was a rather steep slope down to the prom from there. So it was down to me and Danielle to get each side of Adele holding on for dear life as we tried to get down the slope !!!! think the fishermen at the bottom of the slope thought the circus had come to town :-).
Anyway we got down without  leaving go and letting Adele roll off into the Mersey, and ended up getting some fantastic shots.
Oh and some jogger running by was panting something about wanting to buy the calender for £300, so we made him a deal £200 each........ seems fair to me :-)
Till next time happy shooting everyone :-)

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