Sunday, 24 October 2010

Great time at Bar Destination, Liverpool

Had a great time at Bar Destination, Liverpool last Weds 20th. Adam Johns a fellow photographer set  up the shoot and asked me to attend with my studio flash units so he could get an idea of how to use them. Adam had arranged with four models, Samantha,Rebecca, Markus and Jon to do the shoot in the bar starting at 12ish.

So once I had found the place both me and Adam set about putting together the three 300w flash heads and fitting a softbox to each one, the main light we used a large octobox, which I love, it gives a nice even wrap around light and tend to use it on most shoots now.

Once we had the lighting set up for our first location in the bar we set about taking turns shooting, I love seeing how other photographers work and Adam certainly is a great guy to work with, I do hope we do many more shoots together.

Rebecca, Samantha and Jon are also dancers at the Bar so we also took a few images of them with there "Pout" dance gear on. Well worth a visit to see them dance I would say judging by the outfits ;-).

All in all a great shoot with great people ..... big tanks to Adam, Rebecca, Samantha, Markus and Jon ....We made a great team !!.

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