Saturday, 6 November 2010

No more studio in my living room !

Well I now have my own studio Yeah :-), its been a dream of mine for a long time now and on Friday I moved in.It was being used as a photographic studio anyway by an old photographer friend of mine and he rang me up a few weeks ago now asking if I would be interested as he was giving it up. Well my first thoughts were should I take the plunge and go for it ?, will I make it work ?, should I do it ?? ... Well after a few late nights, loads of consultations with friends and family (special thanks to Danielle here) I thought "well if i don't how much will I regret it?" .
So about the studio, well its not massive but just the right size for my use at the moment and a lot better than my front room which came with Louis my little dog and Adams Xbox corner !!. I have a Mafrotto background support unit with a few rolls of background paper three of which can be on the background support at any one time and just rolled down as and when you need them. I have two sets of posing tubs (black), chairs, stools and lounger. Lighting is three 300w strobes and arriving Monday a 400w strobe, one small softbox, three medium soft boxes, two large softboxes and a large Octobox, two 5 in one large reflectors. A toilet and store room which will be the changing room for models during a shoot. Oh i do have a kettle coffee and sugar. 
This coming week I will be doing a few test shoots in there and then I'll be truly up and running so if you want a nice portrait to give as a Christmas Gift you know who to contact :-).
I will also hire it out to photographers at great rates so also contact me about rates as well.
So here's to a bright future I hope :-)

Happy shooting all 

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