Monday, 15 November 2010

Test shots all done :-)

Well all the tests have gone well, big thanks to Danielle and Jessica (above) who helped me out on a couple of shoots and didn't mind all the messing about with lights and backgrounds. I also have to thank My brother Keith and his wife Danielle also for advice and help.

Whilst doing a couple of shots with my twin brother (who came to visit from Basingstoke) It was lovely to see Jo Rutherford who came for a look at the place together with some cakes and a nice bottle of rose wine, for anyone who doesn't know Jo she is a great photographer based in Southport and has been the driving force behind the photographic walkabouts you hear me go on so much about. Please take a look at her web site and be amazed at her wonderful images. Jo's web site

Now I need people though the door, so please pass on my number,website in fact just let people know about me please :-) I am also doing portrait sitting vouchers to buy as gifts at a cost of a very special £50 for which you will get a portrait sitting, up to 8 images on a CD and one 10x8 framed image from the CD, just contact me for more details. This offer is via the voucher only. 

Budding models, contact me by phone, my facebook page or my website for great prices on model portfolios. Right then time to get something useful done now :-)

Happy Shooting to you all :-)

Warren xx

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